Morgen Group is an innovative incubator, specializing in entrepreneurial finance, management and strategy. The diverse experience, intellectual enthusiasm and both business successes and failures of the Morgen Group Principals are essential assets to both entrepreneurs and emerging businesses looking for advice/ management.

Our skill lies in taking rough ideas and crafting them into actual businesses. Whether working with an entrepreneur to launch a startup, helping an established company start an entrepreneurial division or taking over an existing emerging business in need of direction, the Morgen Group takes a team oriented approach that is intensive and exhausting yet also creative and exciting.

Morgen Group offers a wide range of customized services. However, our core areas of expertise are the following:

Using real world numbers to lay down an extensive financial model
Generating product direction through effective positioning and coordinated marketing and distribution planning
Creating an efficient management structure and then attracting the necessary team to fill the structure
Giving executive leadership to execute the business plan
Managing emerging companies in need of new direction or leadership
Attracting seed and first or second round financial resources

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